18 Sep 19
Customers can now order simply by speaking to Alibaba’s smart speaker Tmall Genie.
1 Aug 19
The bubble tea chain currently has 25 outlets in the Lion City.
15 Jul 19
The coffee giant’s first ‘Now’ format combines its traditional café environment with their digital touchpoints.
10 Jul 19
Based in Singapore, the regional hub currently has close to 20 employees, who work across performance marketing, recruitment, partnerships and...
26 Jun 19
The 50-rider initiative will start on 8 July.
3 Jun 19
The Lion City is the first in Asia to implement this new feature for riders.
30 May 19
More than 2,000 branches of the fast food giant now have a virtual presence on the app.
22 May 19
The brand will also open eight more stores by the end of the year.
22 May 19
The partnership aims to bolster cashless payment in the country.
8 May 19
The pizza chain currently has over 260 stores and 4,000 staff in the two countries.
17 Apr 19
AlipayHK users will now be able to order and pay for food by e-wallet using the McDonald’s app.
17 Apr 19
The beta-testing will start in the Southeast region of the Lion City at the end of the month.
11 Apr 19
Subscribers can have unlimited free delivery for HK$98 a month.
4 Apr 19
In an extensive interview with QSR Media, GrabFood head Tomaso Rodriguez details his vision for the food delivery app.
28 Mar 19
The food delivery company recently launched its fully-automated Food Market.
22 Mar 19
The “smart store” is located in Shanghai.
14 Mar 19
The site features a fully-automated ordering experience and 40-seater dine-in space.
6 Mar 19
The nation's largest fast food company continues to see a "huge space" for growth.
22 Feb 19
GrabFood expanded from two to 178 cities in the country last year.
14 Feb 19
The food delivery firm is beefing up its logistics network by adding 5,000 restaurant partners and 2,000 riders.
1 Feb 19
The pilot delivery partnership also allows customers to order and customize their beverages.
24 Jan 19
The coffee chain is looking to cut costs whilst improving customer experience.
24 Jan 19
The chicken chain is the first restaurant brand in the country to provide this service.
23 Jan 19
The brand’s consumer base consists of “tech-savvy, on-the-go” millennials.
9 Jan 19
A massive restaurant network spanning 6,000 establishments helps fuel its bid for market leadership.
19 Dec 18
Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify have reaped rich rewards – from improved sales and usage to lower churn – simply by doing one thing:...
17 Dec 18
It provides customers access to both companies’ digital platforms.
13 Dec 18
It also comes with cashless payment feature and an automatic order tracking system.
13 Dec 18
Customers in the Deliveroo Food Market can order from multiple restaurant brands at once.
16 Nov 18
The fast food operator also introduced the fully-automated dessert station in Suzhou.
15 Nov 18
Their number of users have grown ten times bigger over the past three months.
15 Nov 18
The food aggregator will also launch a number of new features primarily dedicated to hawkers.
8 Nov 18
They also partnered with Uber Eats Japan and LINE in order to strengthen their digital services.
8 Nov 18
The new payment system, done with Maybank, has rolled out in 11 of the company’s stores.
8 Nov 18
The coffee giant have also trialled their Star Kitchens in Shanghai and Hangzhou.
7 Nov 18
Customers using Pick-Up will not incur delivery fees and adhere to order or location restrictions.
31 Oct 18
They also expressed plans to launch 5,000 more sites internationally for the said concept.
24 Oct 18
The new programme seeks to help restaurants improve their delivery services.
24 Oct 18
The delivery programme also includes full coverage of Beijing and Shanghai.