16 Nov 18
The fast food operator also introduced the fully-automated dessert station in Suzhou.
15 Nov 18
Their number of users have grown ten times bigger over the past three months.
15 Nov 18
The food aggregator will also launch a number of new features primarily dedicated to hawkers.
14 Nov 18
The launch of US$40m VisVires New Protein (VVNP) fund with its niche focus on the global food and feed system attests to the growing investor...
8 Nov 18
They also partnered with Uber Eats Japan and LINE in order to strengthen their digital services.
8 Nov 18
The new payment system, done with Maybank, has rolled out in 11 of the company’s stores.
8 Nov 18
The coffee giant have also trialled their Star Kitchens in Shanghai and Hangzhou.
7 Nov 18
Customers using Pick-Up will not incur delivery fees and adhere to order or location restrictions.
31 Oct 18
They also expressed plans to launch 5,000 more sites internationally for the said concept.
24 Oct 18
The new programme seeks to help restaurants improve their delivery services.
24 Oct 18
The delivery programme also includes full coverage of Beijing and Shanghai.
15 Aug 18
E-commerce giant Alibaba will roll out chain of diners staffed by robotic waiters.
9 Aug 18
The pizza brand is running a two-week trial of Dilly Plate.
26 Jul 18
South Korean food chains are looking to cope with rising wages.
18 Jul 18
Find out their thoughts on why the new upgrade empowers their customers.
4 Jul 18
The decision was made due to constant decline in cash payments in the country.
2 May 18
From its inception, the conversation on the use of chatbots in 2018 continues to be a polarising subject.
11 Apr 18
With the launch, Starbucks Coffee Korea is the first retailer to leverage Samsung’s Bixby to allow for end-to-end ordering and payment....
4 Apr 18
The mobile app was launched in a bid to speed up the process.
21 Mar 18
The malware inserts are located in the footer section and point to site to mine Dogecoin.
21 Mar 18
The creators plan to commercialise the robot within five years.
5 Mar 18
In a world first, McDonald’s Singapore adjusts online ad spend in geographic zones by the minute based on kitchen demand.
28 Feb 18
The giant turns to app to reduce congestion amidst labor shortage.
18 Oct 17
The tourists can use them to redeem beverage, fast food, and convenience store products.
18 Oct 17
The Sunway Pyramid site also features a greeting robot.
11 Oct 17
More than 10,000 skills will be available when the service launches this October.
4 Oct 17
Globe users will now be able to call #8-7000 for free with the use of their mobile device.
20 Sep 17
Customers can now pay with Nets QR code payment.
30 Aug 17
The item is available in limited quantities to select customers.
30 Aug 17
Nugu, the company’s intelligence speaker, is launching by the year-end.
30 Aug 17
Mainland Chinese tourists can pay for their drinks in RMB via Alipay.
17 May 17
Uber launched its food delivery app UberEATS in Mumbai.
29 Mar 17
Starbucks extended its digital platform to the company’s China and Asia Pacific region.
14 Mar 17
The Pizza Hut Pie Tops can order pizza at the press of a button on the shoe's tongue.
14 Feb 17
Japan is pushing the limits of automation in the hospitality industry.
14 Feb 17
“用星说” (Say it with Starbucks), is a new social gifting feature on Weixin, in China.
17 Jan 17
The chicken chain is creating a new line of 'smart' restaurants.
20 Dec 16
Starbucks teamed up with the provider of internet value-added services in China.
20 Dec 16
The fast food chain announced a plan to upgrade 40 percent of its existing stores.
6 Dec 16
According to an article by Ad Age, there is a robot that greets customers at the door.