15 Oct 20
The Philippine conglomerate is planning to open a second store by end-2020.
24 Sep 20
The smoothie chain currently has two locations in the country.
16 Sep 20
The chain responded to a memo that went viral online.
8 Sep 20
The chain recently announced plans to lay off 1,650 UK-based staff.
7 Sep 20
It also debuted a new Smashburger store design in Boston.
1 Sep 20
It will be the chain's second restaurant in the UK.
1 Sep 20
The concepts first entered the Lion City in 2018.
24 Aug 20
A “co-branding” strategy will be utilised in the first year of business.
24 Aug 20
This is the chain’s first store in the capital.
20 Aug 20
This is the chain’s 35th store in the country.
6 Aug 20
The chain aims to open up to more restaurants in the city this year.
3 Aug 20
The coffee giant also opened new stores in India and Japan.
30 Jul 20
It plans to step on efforts to boost takeaway earnings.
30 Jul 20
The company says store targets for this year remain unchanged.
7 Jul 20
The chain plans to have 55 outlets nationwide by 2030.
3 Jul 20
The chain also hinted where their first restaurant will be located.
2 Jul 20
The interior features socially-distanced tables.
30 Jun 20
The restaurant chain is expected to enter the city by early 2021.
25 Jun 20
The company has a network of 118 outlets.
11 Jun 20
The South Korea-headquartered chain initially had plans to further expand in the U.S.
28 May 20
The chain launched its first Teavana-specialized store in September 2016.
13 May 20
The coffee chain plans to open 1,500 stores in the country.
11 May 20
The move is part of its larger plan to have over 1,500 restaurants in the country.
6 May 20
The company turned a profit despite being hard-hit by the pandemic.
30 Apr 20
The chain was supposed to reopen stores by 5 May.
20 Apr 20
The chain employs more than 10,000 staff.
2 Apr 20
It will also support franchisees by talking to landlords regarding rent reductions.
27 Mar 20
Customers can still order takeaways or order via McDelivery.
28 Feb 20
The UK-based restaurant has already been bogged down by the social unrest in Hong Kong.
12 Feb 20
Additional openings are planned over the next seven years.
5 Feb 20
The stores represent less than 1% of the company’s total store network.
29 Jan 20
The two recent openings bring the chain’s US store number to 41.
29 Jan 20
The Chinese fresh fruit tea brand runs 400 tea shops across China and three outlets in Singapore.
27 Jan 20
It currently has 37 international stores in six countries, including the US and Singapore.
27 Jan 20
Its first outlet in the Lion City opened in Tampines last year.
15 Jan 20
The new store in Hung Yen Province features glass walls and a combination of bricks and wood interior.
19 Dec 19
The launch will immediately follow a second gas station restaurant opening on 23 December.
18 Dec 19
The new store features the brand’s menu specialties: burgers, ribs and fajitas.
18 Dec 19
Siam Taco plans to open five more Taco Bell in Bangkok and other cities after opening four stores since 2018.
11 Dec 19
The Thai coffee shop was first introduced in the country in 2016.