1 Feb 19
The site also features the restaurant chain's new leisure concept.
24 Jan 19
This is the company’s first step towards international expansion.
23 Jan 19
They plan to bring their overseas store count to 20 by 2020.
23 Jan 19
The new Bangkok site has a special menu that offers extra spicy food and local beer.
22 Jan 19
Its operator also confirmed that their IPO will take place on the second quarter of 2019.
16 Jan 19
This marks as their ninth Asian market.
16 Jan 19
This is their second location in United Arab Emirates.
10 Jan 19
The coffee chain is also slated to open their second outlet in the country on February.
20 Dec 18
The Chinese hot pot chain's first site will be in Ho Chi Minh City.
14 Dec 18
They are also keen on expanding in the Middle East.
12 Dec 18
The brand sees Singapore as a “good launchpad” for their regional entry.
6 Dec 18
They will also launch the new Cheese Ali Mountain Dew, which is exclusive to the site.
6 Dec 18
They are also targeting to launch 200 more outlets by 2022.
5 Dec 18
The third largest pizza chain is set to continue their Southeast Asian expansion.
15 Nov 18
The pizza chain also aims to revamp their brand next year.
15 Nov 18
The group aims to raise their occupancy rate by having the chicken in their sites.
8 Nov 18
The brand will continue to expand in the country for the next five years.
8 Nov 18
The fast food giant is reported to have launched nearly 10 outlets so far this year.
31 Oct 18
More locations in China and Saudi Arabia are also in the pipeline.
25 Oct 18
The operator of the chicken chain has been diversifying their expansion strategy through strategic partnerships.
24 Oct 18
The coffee chain has plans to open 100 stores in the country for the next five years.
22 Oct 18
Another store is set to open in the country by 2019.
18 Oct 18
This is the 18th country where the bakery chain opened an outlet.
18 Oct 18
This is also the pretzel chain’s first entry in the Asian market.
11 Oct 18
The site marks as the brand’s 15th restaurant in Asia.
11 Oct 18
They are part of other Southeast Asian business expanding there despite high rents.
10 Oct 18
The chain will serve its ranges of coffee and ice cream sandwich offerings.
10 Oct 18
This marks the chain’s first international store.
10 Oct 18
They also mentioned their plans to expand in Malaysia and Macau.
9 Oct 18
Its first Mom’s Touch franchise will open on 2 January 2019.
4 Oct 18
Most of the chain’s outlets are located in the northern and western regions of the country.
3 Oct 18
They have opened 21 out of the 23 outlets they aim to open this year.
3 Oct 18
The chicken chain wants to have more stores outside the country’s largest city.
26 Sep 18
The American burger chain plans to roll out 10 more outlets in the country by 2020.
19 Sep 18
This will be the seventh site the pizza chain has in the city.
5 Sep 18
The move is part of their goal in launching 50 international outlets by 2020.
5 Sep 18
The brand plans to open nine more sites in the island-nation and in Thailand by next year.
30 Aug 18
The coffee giant’s latest outlet is located at The Pavillion in Pune.
30 Aug 18
The group is looking to launch other brands such as Donut King, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar and Michel’s Patisserie.
30 Aug 18
The pizza chain has another store set to open in the country by October.