13 Apr 21
It will also make vaccine doses available for dependents.
13 Apr 21
It will also hold a physical food drive at their Editions venue.
23 Mar 21
The group added it also sourcing for more vaccines to cover dependents and extended family and household members.
15 Mar 21
The chain says it will vaccinate employees in company-owned restaurants for free.
3 Feb 21
It also has a dedicated site listing down its milestones and innovations.
13 Jan 21
It expects a reduction of approximately 8,000 tons of non-degradable plastics annually starting this year.
19 Dec 20
We're taking the time off!
14 Dec 20
To date, the company has given such items to 1,200 schools across China, benefitting nearly 400,000 students.
10 Dec 20
The delivery firm will match the first SG$10,000 worth of donations.
3 Dec 20
Half of the location’s staff are persons with disabilities.
26 Nov 20
The chain will support 2,000 girls and young women across the country in the first year of the programme.
24 Nov 20
The contribution is expected to feed up to 6,000 people.
29 Sep 20
The chain has operated in the country for 47 years.
2 Sep 20
The chain is also looking to cut down on paper consumption.
20 Aug 20
The chain recently opened two stores operated entirely by women.
19 Aug 20
The country is battling a resurgence in virus cases.
29 Jun 20
It is the fifth one for the coffee giant globally.
19 Jun 20
The pilot is done in a bid to create a safe dining environment.
11 May 20
The neighborhood surrounding the store is home to startup and social venture companies.
16 Apr 20
The initiative now allows them to access 700 free online courses on OpenClassrooms.
26 Mar 20
Almost all stores that remained open since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak experienced “significant” declines in sales.
23 Mar 20
A special package will be given to staff working in selected stores that remain open during the quarantine.
20 Mar 20
The package has coverage for senior citizens under its employment programme with local government units.
18 Mar 20
The 'enhanced community' quarantine in Luzon started earlier this week.
14 Mar 20
A notable share of brands have pivoted towards contactless delivery due to the outbreak.
26 Feb 20
The QSR company also launched an upgraded range of corporate catering solutions.
20 Dec 19
We're taking the time off!
29 Nov 19
This will be replaced with paper straws bearing positive messages about sustainability.
29 Nov 19
The fast food chain has been pushing to get more staff from the two sectors.
28 Nov 19
The delivery platform has also introduced the plant-based Impossible Burger, now available from over 100 outlets in the country.
23 Oct 19
Customers can now get a SG$5 meal option from three additional restaurants.
23 Oct 19
Other chains have turned to suppliers in response.
18 Oct 19
Proceeds will go to the Association for Persons with Special Needs.
21 Aug 19
More than 1,000 restaurants will participate in the cage-free switch.
3 Jun 19
A survey commissioned by WWF showed that 9 out of 10 people recognise the environmental problems caused by disposable plastic.
22 May 19
The coffee chain also opened signing stores in Malaysia and Washington, D.C.
17 Apr 19
The initiative will happen on April 26.
6 Mar 19
Straws made out of sugar cane will be rolled out in all their stores this year.