3 Jun 19
A survey commissioned by WWF showed that 9 out of 10 people recognise the environmental problems caused by disposable plastic.
22 May 19
The coffee chain also opened signing stores in Malaysia and Washington, D.C.
17 Apr 19
The initiative will happen on April 26.
6 Mar 19
Straws made out of sugar cane will be rolled out in all their stores this year.
21 Dec 18
We’re taking the time off.
29 Nov 18
The coffee giant also just launched their paper straws initiative in the country.
22 Nov 18
QSRs continue to be part of campaigns that aim to reduce plastic waste.
22 Nov 18
The move is driven by the increasing number of car accidents with their riders.
22 Nov 18
The chain will also have allow them to engage in interactive activities across 37 of their stores.
15 Nov 18
The brand joins a number of fast food chains across Asia that have sustainability initiatives.
31 Oct 18
Some restaurants in Beijing will also pilot a program to reduce straws.
24 Oct 18
The campaign includes giving farmers irrigation and processing facilities.
18 Oct 18
The move is said to have started since October 15.
5 Sep 18
Wooden stirrers will also replace their plastic ones during the trial.
28 Aug 18
The initiative is done in celebration of the Hong Kong-based restaurant group’s 50th anniversary.
9 Aug 18
The fast food giant joins the global movement to reduce plastic waste.
9 May 18
To mark World Book Day, Yum China celebrated the grand opening of the "Pizza Hut Book Donation and Exchange Sub-Center" in Shenzhen....
11 Apr 18
This is in line with the company’s global sustainability Scale for Good strategy.
27 Sep 17
It is one of the largest corporate-sponsored grassroots sports programs in China.
16 Aug 17
The donation will contribute to the post-disaster reconstruction of the area.
2 Aug 17
They advocate to alleviate food inadequacy in the Philippines.
12 Jul 17
It will give away 13,000 Happy Value burgers to recruits at the world’s largest boot camp.
23 May 17
The effort is part of a global initiative to create awareness and raise funds to provide meals for underprivileged children.