7 Apr 21
Local Ya Kun Kaya Toast placed seventh.
5 Mar 21
Online sales, in contrast, was slightly higher.
15 Feb 21
The online food market surpassed the 40 trillion-won mark last year.
10 Feb 21
About 7 out of 10 people say ordering from their favourite restaurant during COVID-19 has contributed to their mental health.
27 Jan 21
80% of respondents are not confident about the future of the F&B industry in Q1.
20 Jan 21
Chains may find opportunities to get a larger share by offering no-alcohol or healthier drink alternatives.
13 Jan 21
A survey from Deliveroo offers a glimpse into potential opportunities in the city.
15 Oct 20
It is estimated that delivery services contributed HK$8bn in turnover for partner restaurants between April and June.
15 Oct 20
The decline was mainly attributed to food caterers.
17 Sep 20
Lack of fully operating dine-in services cut sales by nearly half.
16 Sep 20
The breakfast category also saw a sharp increase over the circuit breaker period.
7 Sep 20
Fast food outlets remain resilient.
6 Aug 20
Total sales in June was estimated at S$496 million.
25 Jun 20
Consumers’ focus on recycling is also increasing.
11 Jun 20
Respondents want distanced tables and temperature checks.
21 May 20
About two out of five restaurants offered delivery for the first time during the ‘circuit breaker’ period.
19 May 20
Those who have been going out have done so multiple times.
11 May 20
Total receipts of fast food shops decreased by 17.1% in value.
30 Apr 20
Varieties of the Taiwanese drink are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for market expansion.
12 Mar 20
The sector is forecast to be worth US$32bn by 2023.
9 Mar 20
China and Italy are some of the most hard-hit markets by the outbreak.
4 Mar 20
It could take a hit due to certain markets likely impacted in Q1 due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
19 Feb 20
Approximately 300 new partner restaurants are added each month on their platform.
19 Feb 20
57% were expecting to experience more than a half of revenue loss over the next three months.
19 Feb 20
This is amidst sluggish growth in both economies.
12 Feb 20
The results came as the city suffers its first annual recession in a decade.
31 Jan 20
Short term downside risk to consumer spending is also forecasted.
30 Jan 20
Their number in Asia rose by nearly a half in the same period to 101,000 restaurants.
22 Jan 20
However, only 2 in 10 businesses have reported profit growth.
21 Jan 20
The overall foodservice industry grew by 9% year-on-year.
15 Jan 20
Fast food outlets led a relatively aggressive sales growth as it rose by 12.4% year-on-year in November last year.
18 Dec 19
We look back at the highs and lows of the Asian multi-site restaurant industry these past twelve months.
11 Dec 19
Some outlets have been boycotted and vandalised.
28 Nov 19
Starbucks, however, bested its competitor brands in terms of product quality and store accessibility.
13 Nov 19
The number of vegetarians in Korea soared in the past decade.
11 Nov 19
The market segment is expected to increase up to US$7.3b by 2023.
6 Nov 19
This is the worst year-on-year decline recorded since the SARS outbreak in 2003.
24 Oct 19
A localised menu and ‘prudent pricing’ also helped the fast food giant.
16 Oct 19
Total sales value of food & beverage services was estimated at SG$916m.
9 Oct 19
It has more than doubled in 2019 alone compared to the previous year.