Menu Innovations

12 Apr 21
The chain is following up on the popularity of their top seller in 2020.
7 Apr 21
The item is available across all stores.
29 Mar 21
It is currently rolled out across outlets in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen.
10 Mar 21
The new items include one with fried fish.
24 Feb 21
Patties are from v2food, which is also being used in Japan and the Philippines.
17 Feb 21
It is only available until 30 March.
10 Feb 21
The chain looks to get a share of the growing market for meat alternatives.
27 Jan 21
The chain continues its unorthodox menu launches in the country.
27 Jan 21
The new item is available for a limited time.
25 Jan 21
This comes more than a year after launching its initial range of rice-bun burgers.
13 Jan 21
Options include an edamame and corn vegetable medley.
13 Jan 21
The Chinese fast food chain will integrate the item in their core breakfast offerings.
14 Dec 20
The bubble tea chain operates 89 outlets across the country.
10 Dec 20
The item is available starting 11 December.
10 Dec 20
Another item will also be available for a limited time.
24 Nov 20
The drink is available at selected McCafé outlets.
19 Nov 20
The chain wants to end the year with a Bollywood-esque twist of flavours.
17 Nov 20
The meatless burger is made mostly of soy proteins.
15 Oct 20
The fast food giant joins a growing list of chains offering plant-based alternatives in Asia.
9 Sep 20
The coffee giant looks to capitalise on the surging demand for alternative options.
12 Aug 20
The chain plans to also have plant-based beverages in the coming months.
15 Jul 20
The chain looks to offer more ‘indulgent’ items.
2 Jul 20
The chain is the first bakery in the Lion City to collaborate with Impossible Foods.
29 Jun 20
The move is done in partnership with Green Monday.
10 Jun 20
The limited-time offer is available until stocks last.
2 Jun 20
The country remains one the world’s highest meat consumers.
30 May 20
The chain has over 500 restaurants in 16 countries.
6 May 20
The new item is part of the chain’s ‘Temptation’ series.
30 Apr 20
The chain encouraged customers to choose contactless delivery when ordering.
30 Apr 20
The chain sold hundreds of kits days after launching it via an online store in Malaysia.
23 Apr 20
Packaging for the new menu items is made from plant-based material.
22 Apr 20
It will be sold at three outlets for a limited time.
16 Apr 20
This is said to be the chain’s biggest menu evolution since it entered the Lion City.
12 Feb 20
The commemorative item is available until 16 February.
12 Feb 20
The chain’s Zinger Cheezilla is also making a return.
30 Jan 20
The new items are offered until 5 February.
22 Jan 20
Modern China, Red House, Seansin Seafood Hotpot Experts and The Drunken Pot have partnered with the US-based alternative meat supplier Impossible...
9 Jan 20
The new item features a sauce made with chillies, dried shrimps, curry spices, laksa leaves and coconut.
9 Jan 20
Both festive items are available for a limited time or until supplies last.
19 Dec 19
Only 6,000 vegan tacos are up for grabs.