Menu Innovations

16 Aug 17
Wild Rock is only available at Wendy’s First Kitchen in Japan.
9 Aug 17
It will only be available for a few more days, while stocks last.
2 Aug 17
The drink uses two kinds of peaches at once.
19 Jul 17
The fast food behemoth unveils its new burger meal in celebration of Singapore National Service’s 50th anniversary.
12 Jul 17
It has launched its “Taste of Asia” range, which includes the Rendang Double Beef and Hainanese Tendergrill Chicken.
14 Jun 17
The sandwiches are so spicy customers are required to sign a liability waiver to order them.
14 Jun 17
Starbucks is introducing three Frappuccino blended beverages that are fun twists on classic tea and coffee favorites infused with unexpected...
23 May 17
The vanilla soft serve is now made with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
12 Apr 17
The Restaurant Brands International-owned brand is launching the Fruit Loops shake.
12 Apr 17
Yum Brands announced US KFC's plans to curb the use of antibiotics in its chicken supply.
28 Mar 17
Starting April 4, customers cannot order a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in Japan.
1 Mar 17
Asian baristas are crafting beverages to celebrate the spring season.
31 Jan 17
Kit Kat sushi will come in three flavors: Maguro (tuna), Tamago (egg), and Uni (sea urchin).
22 Nov 16
The coffee chain announced the launch of its Mobile App in Indonesia.
11 Oct 16
Five pudding-themed menu items will be available for a limited time.
28 Sep 16
Want your coffee with a bit of pumpkin spice?
28 Sep 16
Starbucks is doubling down on tea.
14 Sep 16
Its patty is made with various vegetables.
14 Sep 16
They have about 50% less sugar.
31 Aug 16
It unveiled four new flavours.
20 Jul 16
It comes in both meat and vegetarian options.
20 Jul 16
It's infused with edible bamboo charcoal.
5 Jul 16
It features a salted egg yolk chicken burger.
8 Jun 16
In celebration of the Philippine Independence Day.
11 May 16
It features four different meat patties.
11 May 16
It features milk-flavoured panna cotta, cantaloupe inclusions.
8 Apr 16
Customers can swap their beverages for beers.