18 Oct 18
The pizza chain also launched a concept store that will serve as a product testing hub.
4 Oct 18
This also serves as the coffee chain’s first container store in the Asia-Pacific region after rolling it out in the United States.
18 Sep 18
Hua Bee Restaraunt in Tiong Bahru transforms into a Japanese yakitori restaurant Bincho by night.
30 Aug 18
The new concept features a modernized look while paying homage to Japanese teahouse architecture.
21 Feb 18
It hopes to bolster customers' cultural experiences in their restaurants through technology.
13 Feb 18
It is looking at models focused on donuts and beverages in search of profitability.
31 Jan 18
With a goal of creating a new customer-centric, digital-driven dining experience, the Victoria Square restaurant features new eight 'future...
6 Dec 17
The restaurant features automated self-ordering kiosks.
20 Sep 17
It has assigned its digital mandate to digital solutions agency FoxyMoron.
13 Sep 17
The brand’s 99% ethically-sourced coffee is celebrated every September 9th of the year.
11 May 16
New outlets in Taipei, Hong Kong boast unique architecture.