In Focus

12 Apr 21
It opened its flagship store in Phnom Penh late March.
7 Apr 21
The Singapore-based startup wants to be in 10 markets across APAC.
26 Mar 21
Jubilant already holds master franchise rights for Domino's Pizza and Dunkin'.
17 Mar 21
CEO Ernesto Tanmantiong now expects half of sales to come from outside of the Philippines by 2025.
5 Mar 21
Online sales, in contrast, was slightly higher.
24 Feb 21
The company remains confident in its “resilient” business model.
17 Feb 21
It also outperformed other markets in terms of new store openings.
10 Feb 21
About 7 out of 10 people say ordering from their favourite restaurant during COVID-19 has contributed to their mental health.
25 Jan 21
The announcement was made amidst a revenue drought brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.
20 Jan 21
Chains may find opportunities to get a larger share by offering no-alcohol or healthier drink alternatives.
13 Jan 21
A survey from Deliveroo offers a glimpse into potential opportunities in the city.
10 Dec 20
Bryan Loo talks to QSR Media about the bubble tea’s ‘virtual drive-thrus’, his long-term vision for the stores and planned...
3 Dec 20
The American fast food chain specifically plans to have 250 delivery-only locations in the country.
25 Nov 20
These unmanned vehicles were spotted in Shanghai.
19 Nov 20
It currently operates more than 3,600 restaurants across the country.
3 Nov 20
This marks the coffee giant’s 17th market in the region.
22 Oct 20
India, in particular, provides more fertile ground for the off-premise model.
16 Oct 20
Yang Ming Ong, the brand’s vice president for Asia Pacific, Middle East & Black Sea Basin reveals how they have been able to...
24 Sep 20
Executives from the region also discuss the trends and opportunities seen in the growing delivery sector.
1 Sep 20
Earlier reports say the company could raise around US$2 billion.
24 Aug 20
A “co-branding” strategy will be utilised in the first year of business.
20 Aug 20
The chain recently opened two stores operated entirely by women.
12 Aug 20
It expects to remain profitable in the next 12 months.
6 Aug 20
Total sales in June was estimated at S$496 million.
30 Jul 20
The fast food giant also has plans to reduce their stake in their Japan business.
22 Jul 20
The move expects to reach up to nearly one billion users.
13 Jul 20
The company is expected to open more restaurants this year.
8 Jul 20
Collectively, the business has 514 restaurants in its portfolio.
30 Jun 20
The restaurant chain is expected to enter the city by early 2021.
25 Jun 20
Consumers’ focus on recycling is also increasing.
17 Jun 20
The operator also plans to trim its workforce amidst the viral outbreak.
11 Jun 20
The South Korea-headquartered chain initially had plans to further expand in the U.S.
2 Jun 20
The country remains one the world’s highest meat consumers.
23 May 20
Part of the plan is to establish cloud kitchens.
21 May 20
About two out of five restaurants offered delivery for the first time during the ‘circuit breaker’ period.
13 May 20
The coffee chain plans to open 1,500 stores in the country.
7 May 20
Its board says its working capital position remains healthy.
30 Apr 20
Varieties of the Taiwanese drink are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for market expansion.
23 Apr 20
Packaging for the new menu items is made from plant-based material.