17 May 17
Uber launched its food delivery app UberEATS in Mumbai.
29 Mar 17
Starbucks extended its digital platform to the company’s China and Asia Pacific region.
14 Mar 17
The Pizza Hut Pie Tops can order pizza at the press of a button on the shoe's tongue.
14 Feb 17
Japan is pushing the limits of automation in the hospitality industry.
14 Feb 17
“用星说” (Say it with Starbucks), is a new social gifting feature on Weixin, in China.
17 Jan 17
The chicken chain is creating a new line of 'smart' restaurants.
20 Dec 16
Starbucks teamed up with the provider of internet value-added services in China.
20 Dec 16
The fast food chain announced a plan to upgrade 40 percent of its existing stores.
6 Dec 16
According to an article by Ad Age, there is a robot that greets customers at the door.
31 Aug 16
Robots are terminating diners’ hunger pangs.
31 Aug 16
It includes automatic, IOT-enabled dispensers.
3 Aug 16
It’s deploying 25,000 self-ordering tablets to all outlets.
3 Aug 16
Pizza Hut, Food Republic have embraced contactless payments.
25 May 16
Nearly 70 outlets are now linked to KFC headquarters.