New concepts

18 Oct 17
These initiatives aim to help families rediscover quality time.
6 Sep 17
It is the first commercial application of the facial recognition payment technology globally.
26 Jul 17
They came up with a meal box with built-in gaming controls.
26 Jul 17
KFC’s K PRO no longer sells fried chicken.
19 Jul 17
The delivery robots will debut in August.
21 Jun 17
The center will operate as the Asian hub of Ferrero innovation.
20 Jul 16
It can be used to pay over 1,000 restaurants.
22 Jun 16
It packs a whopping 454 kilocalories.
8 Jun 16
It’s the first flagship store in a Disney Resort in Asia.
25 May 16
Machines make, deliver pizzas in four minutes.
11 May 16
They’re based on the Original, Hot & Spicy recipes.
8 Apr 16
Limited land area could lead to sky-high costs.