Beverage brand Yakult opens first cafe in Japan

It also has a beauty salon and a gallery.

Beverage brand Yakult opens first cafe in Japan

It also has a beauty salon and a gallery.

Domino’s opens 1,000th restaurant in Japan

The brand is owned by Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd.

Costa Coffee opens first cafe outlet in Japan

The UK brand plans to open three outlets in the country.

Why Japanese restaurants are accelerating overseas expansion

Recently, sushi chain Kura Sushi announced plans to open 100 stores across China.

McDonald’s hikes prices in Japan city centres

This is to help absorb the higher rent and labour costs.

Starbucks introduces new lemon-base frappe in Japan

The lemons where sourced from its premier lemon-producing region Setouchi.

Starbucks brings Oleato range to Japan

Japan is the third market it is bringing the new range.

'Forbidden' burger joins KFC Japan's release of hash brown burger

The new menu will only be available whilst supplies last.

Popular Starbucks summer frappuccino returns

The drink is available in Japan starting 12 April.

Krispy Kreme unveils Sesame Street-themed doughnuts in Japan

The limited edition range includes characters like Cookie Monster and Elmo.

Starbucks makes reusable glass options available in Japan

The glasses are made of resin and come in two sizes.

Starbucks Japan unveils new cola frappucino drink

This is the first time the chain introduces cola-flavoured drinks in Japan.

Japanese sushi-train restaurants eyes overseas expansion as local demand falls

Rising prices and other factors are the cause of the fall in demand, according to an analyst.

Japan restaurant sales climbs 13.3% in 2022

Overall sales however were still down by 5.8% compared to 2019.

Popular food delivery to benefit from Japan’s reopening: report

Returning tourists will avail services of nearby restaurants.

Schmatz offers TinDLE Karaage, Hamburg steak in 2 Tokyo locations

It is one of Japan’s top casual dining destinations.

Burger King swaps french fries for ramen noodles amid potato shortage

The item is part of what they call the "almost-potato set", paired with a classic burger.